Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Good to be the King

Sorry Ohioans! Though he still has no bling on his ring finger, Lebron is the King.  This is a fun kooshball-style game.  You need to use some sort of a ball with a 'SPLAT' feature.  Tennis balls, stress balls, etc will not work with these games because there is not enough time to make the contact required for the transition to the question slide.  Personally, I use the Monster Ball by Toysmith.  I've found the balls will last a long time if the students don't spend the majority of their turn squeezing the ball until it pops creating a disgusting colored mess all over them, the floor and myself!  With this game, you will select one of the players from the Heat, and type your question where prompted.  For the answer, open Lebron's mouth and pull out the smiley face.  You will need to ungroup the answer piece.  You can do this by right-clicking the item, find Grouping, and select Ungroup.  You will then be able to double-click the text to edit it.  When you are done, selct the text, smiley, and background, and group them (right-click, Grouping, Group).
To post this game, I am using the Public folder of my Dropbox.  This is something new for me, so let's give it a shot.  CLICK HERE for the Heat game.  Hopefully that worked!
I hope you enjoy my game.  Give me some feedback if you find the time.
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