Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Coming in to Roast...I Mean Roost

I know, I know... Turkey time, not chicken time, is coming!  I couldn't help myself.  This is a fun little game to play with your class.  Who doesn't love a good rubber chicken?  Well, I found a really neat one at Pier 1 that you can throw at your board for this game!  When you squeeze it, an egg pops out! Funny?  Gross?  Who am I to judge?  With this game, you use a ball (or chicken) to hit one of the pictures on the board to send you to a question.

You do have to use the group command (Ctrl+G) to group your answer to your pull tab.  When a question is answered correctly, pull the piece hit on the menu board to the chicken coop (Caution: it will no longer be available after you drop it in the chicken coop so make sure you SAVE!!).  There will be some other games, more appropriate for Turkey Day, coming up soon.  In the words of Chic-fil-A, "Eat More Chikin!"  Enjoy!
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