Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monsters, Inc.

 Thanks to Alyssa Anderson from St. Francis Area School District in Wisconsin for this suggestion.  If you don't recognize this, it's from Monsters, Inc.  You never know what's going to be behind the doors that you open.  This is a one-pager that can be used to kill that extra few minutes at the end of class when you've burnt through your lesson.  Instead of scrambling to find something to do, have the students choose their fate.  In my Language Arts class, I might have "independent reading," "Boggle," "Scrabble," "Student's Choice," or "Teacher's Choice."  If you run into the problem of the door not returning after it has exited the screen, you can find extra doors in the attachment tab.  My suggestion is to move the door, enter the text, and then replace the door rather than clicking on the door, allowing it for it to exit the screen and not return.  Click HERE for your copy of Monsters, Inc. Doors.  Enjoy!
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