Wednesday, December 21, 2011

GOOAAALLLL!!!! Score with Futbol Game!

The most widely played sport WORLDwide is soccer.  Known in most other parts of the world as futbol. Well now you can play with the logos from your favorite teams in the classroom on your SMART Interactive Whiteboard.  So whether you like Manchester or FC Barcelona, Real Madrid or Arsenal, you're sure to enjoy playing the Futbol Smartboard Game!
This is a hide/reveal style game.  Type your question and hide your answer behind the soccer ball.  If the question is answered correctly, tap the ball to score a goal and reveal the correct answer.  In the event that the ball is kicked so hard that it doesn't come back, there is an extra copy of the ball that can be substituted in from the attachments tab.  Make sure that you cycle through each question, allowing the ball to come back before saving!!!  Download your copy here.  Enjoy!
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