Monday, April 30, 2012

Dunking Booth Makes a Splash on the SMART Board!

Our state tests are over.  Let us all celebrate with a nice long sigh of relief. 1....2....3.... Aggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!  We had a very busy weekend in Kerrville after our tests were completed.  We had our big fundraiser weekend with the Splish Splash Duck Bash dinner and auction, then the Kerrville Public School Foundation Great Duck Race and Family Fun Day on the beautiful Guadalupe River.  If you were there around 1:00, you could have seen me in the dunking booth!  At about the same time that a little boy was running up to hit the button after his throws missed, the idea of a dunking booth SMART game hit me!  This took an awful lot of trickery, but I think I've pulled it off nicely.
I'm very proud of this game as all the parts were my own illustrations (Don't judge me!!).  You start by throwing a ball or bean bag at the targets on the menu screen.  After you've hit a target, there will be a question prompted at the top of each question slide.  Have the student throw the ball again to reveal the answer.  They must hit the target to reveal the answer.  You can then click the sun to return to the main menu.  When editing this template with your own questions and answers, type your question, hit the target, and then edit the answer.  Before saving your file, go back through each slide to make sure that the screen returns to cover the answer.  With THE TEST over, hopefully I'll be able to get back in the SMART-Board-Resource swing of things.  Download your copy here from the SMART Exchange.  Enjoy!

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