Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mr. Smart Trainer Games in Action!

Through correspondence with different teachers and staff members nationwide, I have had the privilege and joy of hearing how people are using resources they have found on my blog.  Troubleshooting different resources makes up a lot of the emails, but it gives me great insight on the number of people using my games.  Seldom, though, do I get the opportunity to see final products from teachers using Mr. Smart Trainer games... until recently.  One teacher that I have had pretty steady dialogue with since presenting at TCEA in Austin is Angela Zumwalt, a campus tech and teacher at Gonzales Elementary in Gonzales, Texas.  She has sent me some terrific resources she has modified from my templates for various subject areas and has allowed me to post them here.
The greatest way to master something with limitless potential, like the SMART Board is to share our knowledge and efforts with others. You can download all of Ms. Zumwalt's resources here.  Below is a list of the resources included in the download.
 Easter: Author's Purpose
Treasure: Compare and Contrast
Baseball: Division/Multiplication
Baseball2: Division/Multiplication
Dr. Seuss: The Lorax
Duck Hunt: Equivalent Fractions
Fraction Number Lines
Frog Game: Fractions on a line
Fish: Graph
Star: Harriet Tubman
Team Vampire: inferring
GuacaMole: Reading tables
Flies: Rounding Up
Doors: Synonyms and Antonyms
Shark: Telling Time

Please share these resources with those that might use them.  I wish you all a very happy and safe Easter holiday.  Enjoy your time with family and friends, and rest up for the sprint to the end of the school year.
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