Thursday, May 10, 2012

Student Art Inspires on SMART Board

I'll make this one short-
I had a terrific idea to interest my students in what was happening on the SMART Board- use their own drawings to create terrific content.  This is my trial run with my students' artwork, but hopefully this is something I can get others in our district and others in the SMART world using.  I know how cool it feels to have people from all over the WORLD using my resources, but to be a sixth grader and have my drawings on SMART Boards around the world would be quite a treat.  Anyway, this is a koosh-style game.  On the question page, move the butterfly to reveal the answer.  You need to ungroup the answer from the butterfly to edit your answer, then regroup to move as one.  Hide the answer in the tree for a little added magic.  Thanks to my student, Kathryn, for being my drawing guinea pig on this one.  Download it here.  Enjoy!

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