Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Notebook 11 Service Pack 1 Now Available!

Today is a very exciting day for me.  I received an email from Dave Milford from SMART Technologies.  He told me that Service Pack 1 for SMART Notebook 11 is now available to download from SMART's support page.  This is what I love about SMART- While attending the SMART Exemplary Educator Summit in Calgary this summer, we had the chance to visit with the creators of Notebook 11 to discuss quirks, bugs, and annoyances that we had with the update. One that I had is that when the switch over to NB 11 occurred, the links in many of my activities were removed.  This drove me banana-sandwich crazy!  In creating my activities, the thing that is most tedious is setting the links to send you back and forth to the proper place.  I am very pleased to say that with this update, all of my activities are up and running as they were intended!  I love that SMART took the time to listen to my problem, kept in contact with me through the process of getting it fixed, and then emailed me personally to let me know that the update was live and should fix my problem.  Way to go, SMART!  Download your upgrade NOW!!! Enjoy!
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