Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SMART Bowling

Did you think I forgot about you?  In the whirlwind of a year I've had, I have neglected my game-making.  I do apologize, but hopefully this will make up for it.  In our weekly #smartee chat on Twitter (Tuesday nights, 8pm CST), @gallagher_tech challenged me to create a game to simulate bowling for the SMART Board.  What a terrific idea, @gallagher_tech!  In this fun, kooshball-style game, you throw a ball at one of the pins, launching the question page.  Edit/answer the question, and "bowl" your ball to reveal the answer.  You can either remove or "X" out the pins that have been chosen.  You will know which have been bowled over because each pin and question page pin is numbered.  I'm really excited about getting back in the swing of things.  Just to give a peep at what's been going on in the life of Mr. Smart Trainer- I am Texas English teacher.  My state assessment is next week (cross your fingers for me!), so we've been preparing for the big days (Yes, DAYS, plural- my test spans two days of testing).  In addition to this madness, I have started my Master's of Education program at Schreiner University in the hopes of becoming the most hated man on campus, the principal.  Five weeks ago, my wife gave birth to an amazing little fellow, Thomas.  This has been a very blessed and busy year for Mr. Smart Trainer, so please bear with me.  Hopefully more Mr. Smart Trainer activities will be coming your way soon, but I need ideas from folks like @gallagher_tech, that get my creative juices flowing.  Help a Smart Trainer out!  Now for what you're here for- I give you the launch of my newest game, an instant classic- SMART Bowling! Click here to download your copy NOW!!!  As always, if you need additional instructions, shoot me an email. Enjoy!
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